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Taung Pyinthe (Narathu)

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Tenure  1167 – 1171
Successor  Min Aung Myat
Spouse  Narathu
Predecessor  Ti Lawka Sanda Dewi
Religion  Theravada Buddhism
House  Pagan Kingdom

Taung Pyinthe (Burmese: တောင်ပြင်သည်, [tàʊɴ bjìɴ ðɛ̀]; lit. "Queen of the Southern Palace") was the chief queen consort of King Narathu of the Pagan Dynasty of Myanmar (Burma).

Her existence is inferred. None of the main chronicles has a record of the names of the queens of Narathu. The Yazawin Thit chronicle explicitly says no records of Narathu's queens could be found. Yazawin Thit and Hmannan Yazawin mention only that Naratheinkha and Sithu II had the same mother. Per Than Tun, their mother was the North Queen. It means there was a South Queen.


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