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Tau Tauri

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Magnitude  4.26
Constellation  Taurus
Orbital period  71 hours
Apparent magnitude (V)  4.26
People also search for  Phi Tauri, Pi Tauri, Psi Tauri, Mu Tauri

Tau Tauri (τ Tau, τ Tauri) is a triple star system in the constellation Taurus. It is approximately 401 light years from Earth.

The primary component, Tau Tauri A, is a blue-white B-type main sequence dwarf with an apparent V magnitude of +4.26. It has a close companion 0.1 arcseconds away which has a magnitude of +8.9. At a separation of 63 arcseconds is the third component of the system, Tau Tauri C, which is classified as a white A-type star and has a V magnitude of +7.10.


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