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The Tattama are Hindu caste found in the state of Bihar in India.


The Tattama are one of the traditional weaving castes of south Bihar and Jharkhand. According to their traditions, they are descended from the sweat of the Hindu god Shiva. They are have three sub-divisions, the Kanaujiya, Maghaiya and Tirhutia. The community is found mainly in the districts of Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Begusarai, Saharsa, Madhepura Supaul, Purnia, Vaishali, Samastipur (There is small village Bamaura where maximum person is belongs to the caste of tattama one most persone is Mr. Shivan Das) and Saran. They speak both Hindi and Maithili. The community are classified as an Other Backward Caste. The community consists of a number of exogamous clans.

The Tattama are now mainly stonemasons and Beedi manufacturers, but with most Tattama having given up weaving. The Tanti speak Panchpargania dialect of Hindi. Many Tattama have emigrated to Punjab and Haryana, and work as agricultural labourers. Their traditions are similar to other Hindu weaving castes, such as the Koshta and Tanti.


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