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Tasa Konević

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Battles/wars  Macedonian Struggle
Unit  Krapa band

Years of service  1903–1916
Died  1916
Name  Tasa Konevic
Allegiance  Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (?1900–1903) Serbian Chetnik Organization (1903–1916) and Serbian Army

Nickname(s)  Priest Tasa (pop Tasa)

Tasa Konević Apostolović (Serbian: Таса Коневић Апостоловић; d. 1916) was an Orthodox priest and Macedonian Serb Chetnik from Krapa in Poreče. He was the son of a local Serb chief, Kone Apostolović, who was the leader of the Prilep Serbs at the end of the 19th century, and one of the richest in the village. Priest Tasa was the protector of Serbdom in Poreče and led the local guerrilla organization. He participated in the Ilinden Uprising (July–August 1903), orchestrated by the Bulgarian-organized Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO), with a Serb band. After the Kokošinje slaughters (July–October 1904) and IMRO attacks on Macedonian Serbs, he organized the village self-defense units and joined Gligor Sokolović and his neighbour Trenko Rujanović, of the Serbian Chetnik Organization. Tasa defended and administrated the village throughout the Macedonian Struggle. An important event was the attack on Krapa by combined bands of the IMRO, which ended in a fight on Kurt's Stone won by the Serbian bands. Tasa was murdered in 1916, in the Derviš fields massacre when the occupying Bulgarian Army executed 104 Serb leaders from Poreče.


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