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Status  Active
Headquarters location  Tokyo
Founder  Kyōichirō Noguchi
Country of origin  Japan
Distribution  National
Founded  1972
Takeshobo wwwtakeshobocojpimageslogogif

Publication types  Books, magazines, comics, DVD
Nonfiction topics  Entertainment, sports, mahjong, essays

Takeshobo Co., Ltd. (株式会社竹書房, Kabushiki-gaisha Takeshobō) is a major publisher in Japan.

Takeshobo was founded in 1972 by Kyōichirō Noguchi, starting Japan's first Mahjong magazine Monthly Mahjong Magazine (月刊近代麻雀, Gekkan Kindai Mājan). Other magazines, such as a magazine dedicated to mahjong-themed manga, as well as a magazine dedicated to yonkoma manga, were published. Furthermore, a mahjong museum was founded. Currently, in addition to the older magazines, a pachinko magazine, a gravure magazine, short stories as well as adult literature novels are published. On the Internet, it has distribution agreements with Livedoor. Takeshobo yonkoma comics are distributed on the comic distribution website Manga Life Win. Excluding mahjong manga, manga series are published under the Bamboo Comics label.


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