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TNTlite is a free geospatial analysis system providing a complete fully featured Geographic information system, RDBMS, and automated image processing system with CAD, TIN, surface modeling, map layout and innovative data publishing tools. All this capability is available in a single integrated system with an identical interface, functionality, and geodata structure for use on Mac OS X and Windows platforms. The interface, database text content, messages, map production, and all other internal aspects of TNTmips have been localized for use in 27 languages including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Thai, German, Spanish, French and others. The professional version of TNTmips is in use in over 120 nations while it is in use as TNTmips Free (restricted in project size) in almost every nation for educational, self learning, and small projects (e.g., archaeological sites, neighborhood planning, and precision farming). The product includes 74 free tutorial and application booklets with step-by-step lessons.


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