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System Crash

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System Crash is an avant-garde rock group which combines heavy sound with philosophical and political lyrics and multimedia projection of videos and sounds of current world, real and virtual. System Crash consists of three musicians Tomasz Imielinski vocal and guitar, James Jeude (bass) and Tomek Unrat (drums).

Since January 2006, the band has also gone by the name of "The Professor and System Crash", the band title used on their 2006 re-printing of their 2005 CD "War By Remote Control".

Internity, the first show of System Crash (with Budhtaiya Deb as drummer), focused on the internet revolution and its philosophical consequences – interplay between the virtual and real world, anthropomorphization of machines, programs and files. It was featured in Knitting Factory in 2001 and received enthusiastic reviews in Star Ledger and New York Times. System Crash played to sold out audiences and quickly achieved cult status in the avant-garde music scene of New York City. The first CD, "Hackers Revenge", has been aired on New York and New Jersey radio and today is a collectors item.

In 2004, Tom Unrat, one of the top drummers of his generation, joined the band and had dramatic influence on its sound. The new show, "Republic of Fear" and matching CD "War By Remote Control" is a commentary on the post 9/11 world on issues of privacy, war, language and propaganda. The title number begins with snippets of President Bush's speeches, another number "Conspiracy" starts with the sample of rendition of the old communist anthem "The Internationale" by the great choir of the Red Army, before exploding into the heavy sound of the opening guitar riff and mad drumming of Unrat.

System Crash has performed the new show in Knitting Factory, New York, since fall 2004. The new CD was released in September 2005. A side project, Blues With A Heavy Accent can be found on their website.


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