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Sword of the Samurai (Hawaiian Eye)

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Episode no.  Season 1 Episode 18
Original air date  February 3, 1960
Directed by  Jesse Hibbs

"Sword of the Samurai" is an episode of the American television detective series Hawaiian Eye.



In Kyoto, Japan, young Hiroshi Kawigani swears on a samurai sword to avenge his father's death or commit suicide if he fails. Traveling to Honolulu with his older cousin Susumi, he engages Hawaiian Eye to locate a Mr Noburo, a former Japanese Army officer who arrived in Hawaii around 1938. Hiroshi explains to Tom Lopaka that his family owes a debt of honor to Noburo. Lopaka is suspicious of Hiroshi's intentions, particularly after seeing the samurai sword he keeps in his hotel bungalow. Lopaka locates Noburo, who now goes by the name of Miyasaki. Noburo explains that he fled Japan with his infant daughter after making a mistake that forced Hiroshi's father, also an Army officer, to have to commit suicide.

While at Noburo's home, Lopaka also meets his daughter Michiko, who sings at the Lotus Club, and her accompanist, Billy Sajat. Noburo confides to Lopaka that he despises Billy Sajat, who is trying to romance Michiko. Lopaka brings Hiroshi to the Lotus Club, where he introduces him to Michiko, without revealing her father's identity. When Billy Sajat tries to interfere, Hiroshi fells him with a karate chop. Hiroshi and Michiko start a romance, but Billy Sajat finds out what Hiroshi's mission is, and tells his cousin Susumi that Michiko's father is Noburo. Hiroshi fights a sword duel with Noburo, but cannot bring himself to kill the old man after he defeats him. Hiroshi flees to commit suicide, but Billy Sajat picks up his fallen sword and kills Noburo.

Lopaka stops Hiroshi from committing suicide. Hawaiian Eye receptionist Melani tells Steele, Lopaka, and Danny Quon that Billy Sajat knew Michiko's father was Noburo. Along with Hiroshi, they confront Billy Sajat and overpower him. Hiroshi then marries Michiko and takes her to Kyoto for their honeymoon.

Series regulars

  • Robert Conrad Tom Lopaka
  • Anthony Eisley Tracy Steele
  • Connie Stevens Cricket Blake
  • Poncie Ponce Kim
  • Recurring characters

  • Mel Prestidge Lt Danny Quon
  • Guest stars

  • Barbara Luna Michiko Miyasaki
  • Teru Shimada Noburo/Miyasaki
  • George Takei Hiroshi Kawigani
  • Sam Vlahos Billy Sajat
  • James Yagi Susumi Kawigani
  • Barbara Stuart Melani
  • Karie Shindo Waitress
  • Musical interlude

    All the Warner Brothers detective shows of the late fifties and early sixties had one or more musical interludes written into the teleplay. For this episode, Connie Stevens sang "Girls Were Made to Take Care of Boys" with the Shell Bar band. Guest star Barbara Luna sang "I Gave My Love a Cherry" in both English and Japanese.


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