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Swiss referendums, 1985

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Twelve referendums were held in Switzerland in 1985. The first four were held on 10 March on abolishing primary school fees (approved), abolishing the government contribution to healthcare spending (approved), a federal resolution on education fees (rejected) and a popular initiative on extending paid leave (rejected). The next set of four was held on 9 June on the "right to life" popular initiative (rejected), abolishing the cantonal share of profits from banks' stamp duty (approved), a federal resolution on the taxation raised from the sale of spirits (approved), and the abolition of grants for the self-supply of breadstuffs (approved).

A further three referendums were held on 22 September on a popular initiative to co-ordinate the start of the school year (approved), a federal resolution on giving small and medium enterprises an advantage in cases on innovations (rejected), and amendments to the Swiss Civil Code (approved). The final referendum was held on 1 December on a popular initiative to ban vivisection, which was rejected.


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