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Sweet Life (La vie est belle)

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Length  3:26
Writer(s)  Fally Ipupa
Released  January 3, 2013 (2013-01-03)
Recorded  2012; Because Music (France)
Genre  Congolese Rumba Hip hop
Label  2013 Obouo Productions Because Music

"Sweet Life "La vie est belle"" is a song recorded by Congolese singer Fally Ipupa, from his third studio album Power "Kosa Leka" (2013). Because Music released Sweet Life "La vie est belle" as the lead single from the album, on December 17, 2013. The song's music video was directed by Charly Clodion and shot in France. Ipupa posted the music video on his official YouTube channel on 2013.


Conception and release

Sweet Life "La vie est belle" is an R&B and hip hop song, which iswritten and composed by Fally Ipupa. The lyrics to the song are in 3 languages (Lingala, French and English). The production of the song is still unknown. It was recorded and produced in France. It carries a stuttering beat, which is accompanied by a slow-rolling and heavy bass-pumping groove and an acoustic guitar. The song is the first song of Ipupa including a rap part of himself. The versus are recorded over a Roland TR-808 machine, kick drums, and an acoustic guitar.

The song features Ipupa as the "hard worker" speaking about living a sweet life.

La vie est belle, la vie est douce = Life is beautiful life is easy
Combats toujours, combats de tous les jours = Fighting every day, the everyday fight
Parfois je suis sûr, parfois je doute = Sometimes I am sure, sometimes I am not

In 2013, a rumour got abroad in the Congolese community, saying that Fally Ipupa stole the song from a songwriter and released it without permission. In the same year a musician claimed that he had composed the song, showed it to Ipupa and Ipupa then released it. The unknown musician played the demo version in an interview and asked Ipupa publicity to pay him for the song. Ipupa never gave a statement to the rumors.

Sweet Life "La vie est belle" was included on Ipupa's third studio album Power "Kosa Leka" (2013) which was released on iTunes Store, YouTube and Google Play Music with no promotion having taken place.


On May 29, 2013, rapper Bigg masta G (Muana Mboka), released the official remix of Sweet Life "La vie est belle", featuring two rap verses on a slightly modified instrumental. although the remix was already recorded after the release of the original The remix is the first official collaboration between the two Congolese artists and the second collaboration of Ipupa with an English singing artist, after the single "Chaise Electrique" featuring Olivia.

It was recorded in Germany and reproduced by Bigg masta G and J-JD Dacosta. Unlike the original version, the remix version does not begin with the sound of an acoustic guitar. The introduction of the remix begins with a sample of Bigg masta G's voice in a cappella. "Sweet life , sweet dreams , sweet everything , money in the Bank ... "" It contents two verses featuring Bigg masta G and chorus featuring Fally Ipupa. The instrumental to the remix is slightly different from the original.

Lyrically the remix is similar to the original version. It is about working hard and living a sweet life. "I meet the model chick, I don't even gotta take her "I just give her my number and tell her to holler later, I'm a hustler". Fally Ipupa named himself "3X hustler" as a reference to the way he works hard. In his lines, Bigg masta G rapped about himself and how he made it to the good life. Fally Ipupa posted the remix on his official Facebook and thanked Bigg masta G for the collaboration.
Ipupa's post received positive response from his fans for collaborating with another English singing artist beside Olivia. Bigg masta G posted an interview on his official Instagram account, saying that the remix was just to promote Fally Ipupa's album.


Song credits
  • Written by Fally Ipupa
  • Fally Ipupa – vocals, production, vocal production
  • Remix credits
  • Written by Fally Ipupa; Bigg masta G (Muana Mboka)
  • Fally Ipupa – vocals, production, vocal production, instruments
  • Bigg masta G (Muana Mboka);– additional production, additional vocals, remixing
  • J-JD Dacosta;– recording, mixing, mastering
  • Video credits
  • Director – Charly Clodion
  • Creative director – Charly Clodion
  • Executive producer – Charly Clodion
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