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Sweet Adelines International chorus competitions, 2010–2019

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The results of the Sweet Adelines International competition for choruses in the years 2010–2019 are as follows.


For the equivalent scores in the quartet competition see Sweet Adelines International quartet competitions, 2010–2019 and for a full explanation of the scoring system, qualification process, awards and records, see Sweet Adelines International competition.

Note that the grand total listed in the "final" column is the cumulative total of scores achieved in the semi-final and final rounds of competition. In addition to the direct-qualifying places, wildcard places are awarded to the 10 highest-scoring second-place choruses across all regional competitions. This is indicated as "[wild]". The winner of the Harmony Achievement award is indicated with "[harmony achievement]" next to the chorus' name.


The 2015 competition was held on 7 and 9 October at the MGM Grand Las Vegas and introduces a new ruleset that increased the scoring value on the performance "package" in the final round, and removed judge's bonus points, reducing the total possible score to 3200. Scottsdale chorus won their fifth international championship medal and further extending their lead as the chorus with the most top-three placements in SAI competitions. This was the first time that Harbor City Music Company or Endeavour Harmony Chorus had qualified for the finals, with the latter also being the first Australian (region 34) chorus to do so.


The 2016 competition was held on 17–22 October at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, the first time the competition was held at the same location twice in a row. Rönninge Show Chorus from Stockholm, Sweden won their second ever championship with a score of 3098. This was lower than their record-breaking score of 2013 but due to changes in the scoring system introduced in 2015, the maximum available points were reduced leading to Rönninge's 2016 result having a higher percentage, 96.8%, a new record. This was the first time that The Woodlands Chorus reached the finals.


The 2017 competition will be held on 9–14 October. For the third year running, it will be held at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. Until the competition begins only the regional qualification scores and semi-final order of appearance are available. Choruses are therefore listed here by their semi-final order of appearance:


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