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Swan (surname)

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Swan is an American, Australian, Brazilian, Canadian, English, Finnish, and Irish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Anni Swan (1875–1958), Finnish writer
  • Astrid Swan (1982–), Finnish musician and singer
  • Barbara Swan (1922–2003), American artist
  • Carole Swan, Canadian public servant, President of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Guy Swan, United States Army Lft. general
  • Isabel Swan (1983–), Brazilian sailor
  • James Swan (1974–), Australian boxer
  • James Swan, (1811–1891) Australian politician, Mayor of Brisbane
  • James Swan, (1903–1977), American politician
  • James Gilchrist Swan, (1818–1900), U.S. Indian agent
  • Jeremy Swan (1922–2005), Irish cardiologist
  • Kal Swan, Scottish-born vocalist
  • John "Swanee" Swan (1952–), Australian rock singer
  • Joseph Swan (1828–1914), English physicist and chemist
  • Richard Swan, American mathematician
  • Wayne Swan (1954–), Australian politician, Treasurer of Australia (2007–2013)
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