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Swamp Thing (song)

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Released  23 May 1994
Recorded  1993–1994
Length  3:56
Format  CD single CD maxi
Genre  Electronica
Label  Deconstruction Records

"Swamp Thing" is a song by the British music group The Grid. It was released on 23 May 1994 as a single, and is included in The Grid's third album Evolver, probably the best-known song on the entire album. The song reached a peak position of number 3 on the list of Top 25 singles in Australia and list of Top 10 singles in the UK in 1994. The song was later sampled in Banjo Thing by Infernal.



"Swamp Thing" is almost completely instrumental, consisting mainly of drums, synthesiser sounds and banjo. The only vocals are Well alright, watch out, Feel alright and I just dig it, only repeated a couple of times. The banjo part was written and performed by Roger Dinsdale, a folk musician who also played the guitar and the mandolin. Dinsdale committed suicide in July 2009.

Music video

"Swamp Thing" was accompanied by a music video. The video switches back and forth between two scenes: computer generated imagery of a group of robots dancing to a techno beat, and a blank white landscape with a crawling baby and music synthesiser instruments. The scene with the baby and the instruments also inspired the Evolver album cover art.

Track listing

UK CD single
  1. "Swamp Thing" (Radio Mix) 3:56
  2. "Swamp Thing" (Southern Comfort Mix) 7:10
  3. "Swamp Thing" (Deep Dub Piece) 7:10
  4. "Swamp Thing" (Deep Piece Mix) 8:53

The 12" single omits the 'Radio Mix'. Both the 'Radio Mix' and 'Southern Comfort Mix' are alternative edits of the album mix found on Evolver.


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