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Swami Sri Sitaramacharya

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Swami Sri Sitaramacharya Maharaj has been one of the most important Srivaishnava Acharyas of the 20th century. Swamiji's revolutionary approach made the Sri Ramanuja Sampradaya (Srivaishnava Sampradaya) even easier for the Shishyas to follow and attain perfection.

Guru Parampara:
Lord Shrimannarayana...Sri Ramanuja Swamiji...Sri Varavaramuni Swamiji...Sri Kalian Vanamamalai Swamiji(25th Jeeyar) - Sri Radhakrishnacharya Swamiji - Sri Sitaramacharya Swamiji

Swamiji was Bhagawat-Sakshatkar Sampanna (He who actually was blessed with Bhagawan's darshan and He who really enjoyed association of Bhagawan all the time). Swamiji always had an intense desire to meet Bhagawan. With this intense desire, Swamiji articulated "Siya Piya Milan Chhandawali" (involving 800 Chhandas & Chhappais). All the Chhandas and Chhappais show Swamiji's intense desire to meet Bhagawan at that moment without any delay. Swamiji has assured us that,

Priya Milan Hit Padhi Hai Jo Nita SiyaPiya Milan Chhandawali
Ekanta Mein Unapar Kripa Karihe Avashi Shri Maithili |
Ati Prem Se Swara Madhur Se Ekagra Man Se Sohate
Padhi Hai Avashi Mili Hai Unhe Hari Nayana Gochar Hovate ||
That is, those who will read this SiyaPiya Milan Chhandawali with intense love towards Bhagawan, slowly with pleasing voice, and with complete concentration, FOR SURE he will be blessed with the LORD's Darshan.

Swamiji was very strict in terms of the basic principles of SriVaishnava Sampradaya laid down by Lord Srimannarayana, All Twelve Alvars, and all poorvacharyas including Sri Ramanuja Swamiji. He never wanted to gather too many people. Rather Sri Swamiji was interested in creating Perfect Devotees. He believed in Quality not Quantity.

Swamiji articulated hundreds of Srivaishnava Bhajans (Hindi) and Sanskrit Stotras right from when He started His journey from Sri Laxmi Narayana Mandir, Solapur. Swamiji focused on only one and the most important principle

"Siyaram Hi Upaya, Siyaram Hi Upey"
That is, Bhagawan Siyaram (Srimannarayan) should be the ONLY GOAL (Upeya) of our human life and Bhagawan Siyaram (Srimannarayan) should be the ONLY WAY (Upaya) to attain the goal. Our purity towards these Upaya and Upeya is the only measurement of our spiritual progress.

Thus, Swamiji eradicated Upayantar and Upeyantar completely. If we treat any thing, any person, any demigods (anything other than Bhagawan Srimannarayana) as our GOAL that indicates we are into Upeyantar. If we treat any thing, any person, any demigods (anything other than Bhagawan Srimannarayana) as our MEANS that indicates we are into Upayantar. Unless we completely come out of Upayantar and Upeyantar we cannot attain perfection.

Swamiji never asked us to renounce our family, friends, business, community, etc. He rather wants us to make our life perfect by adding Bhagawan at the top of the list.

Sri Swamiji says that once we perform Saranagati (Prapatti) to the Supreme Lord (Surrender to the Lord), He takes care of us. We do not need anyone else to take care of us. All we have to do is serve the Supreme Lord, that too for protecting our own Swaroop as Nitya Dasa. Swamiji always stressed on clear understanding of basic principles of Sampradaya and adhering to the same. Anyone who is related to Sri Ramanuja Swamiji is assured of being liberated from this material world at the end of this life. If this is the fact, then why even ask for liberation to the Lord? Our liberation is confirmed. All we need to do is trust this fact and enjoy serving the Lord for the rest of our life.

Swamiji always emphasized Intense Love while serving the Lord. While serving the Lord the topmost priority must be given to Love towards the Lord. All rituals, procedures, rules must be secondary to the Love towards the Lord. All our activities must be for Bhagwan's pleasure not for our own enjoyment. Swamiji worshipped Lord Venkatesh vigraha. He used to call Him as "Venkat Babu" or "Lalji".

Favorite Quotes:
"Sri Swamiji Ka Mangal Ho, Sri Lalji Ka Mangal Ho"
"Siyaram Hi Upay, Siyaram Hi Upey"

Swamiji established "Vaikunth Mandap" in Ramkot-Nazarbag, Ayodhya (UP). Swamiji's topmost contributions to the Srivaishnava Sampradaya are:
1. Siya Piya Milan Chhandawali (Request to the Lord for his darshan)
2. Sharanagati Meemansa in Hindi (Detailed analysis of Sharanagathi)
3. Nitya Leela Granth in Hindi (Pravachans)(20 Volumes, out of which some are missing)
4. Sri Pravachan Sangraha in Hindi (Pravachans)(20 Volumes, out of which some are missing)
5. Guru Parampara and Mantrartha in Hindi Chhanda Format (For Nityanushthaan)
6. Nutan Stotra Ratnawali in Sanskrit
7. Srivaishnava Bhajanmala in Hindi

Swamiji emphasized on nishkaam prem (loving lord without any worldly or selfish desires). Swamiji stressed on not asking anything from the God because all the things in this materialistic world are perishable.

Swamiji always highlighted Gurunista, the fifth and easiest way to attain moksha because moksha is more easily achievable with Samband (Relation) of Sadguru (guru who has seen and met god).

Swamiji attained param padam in about 1952. Swamiji's message was correctly preached to people by Swami Sri Vaikunthacharyaji Maharaj. Sri Sitaramacharya Swamiji was well known as "Bade Sarkar" and Sri Vaikunthacharyaji Maharaj was well known as "Chhote Sarkar".


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