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Svealand Swedish

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Svealand Swedish (in Swedish: Sveamål) is one of the six major groupings of Swedish dialects, clearly distinguished from Finland-Swedish, and the Swedish spoken in Svealand.

A major characteristic of Svealand Swedish is the coalescence of the alveolar trill with following dental and alveolar consonants — also over word-boundaries — that transforms them into retroflex consonants that in some cases reduces the distinction between words (as for instance vana — varna, i.e. "habit" — "warn"). This feature is also found in East Norwegian, North Swedish and in some dialects of Scottish Gaelic.

  • /r/ + /l/[ɭ]
  • /r/ + /n/[ɳ]
  • /r/ + /s/[ʂ]
  • /r/ + /t/[ʈ]
  • A special development holds for rd:

  • /r/ + /d/[ɽ]
  • One high-status variety of Swedish, that of the capital region of Stockholm–Uppsala, sometimes ambiguously designated as rikssvenska, belongs to Svealand Swedish, though /r/ + /d/[ɖ] is employed instead of the traditional transformation to a flap.


    Svealand Swedish Wikipedia

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