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Suzuki RG50

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The Suzuki RG50 was produced in a few different versions. The RG50 Gamma is a sport motorcycle powered by a two-stroke, single-cylinder engine of 49 cubic centimeters displacement, that has been around since 1986 and likely before. It is not currently in production. The motorcycle has a six-speed transmission. Its maximum speed on level pavement with no headwind is 120 km/hour, in 6th gear at 11000rpm. Fuel usage at full speed is average, at around 40mpg +/- 30%.

The engine redlines at 10500 rpm, and engine torque below 7000 rpm is quite feeble. A first gear with higher-than-average speed ratio, combined with the feeble low-speed torque, makes it a fairly difficult bike to start from standstill.

The motorcycle dry weight is 62 kg, the quoted engine power is 7.2ps.

In some countries such as New Zealand, they were a popular bike choice for bucket racing, being light and easy to tune.


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