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Suzanne Halpin

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Portrayed by  Sarah Flood
Residence  Perth, Australia
Significant other  Damien Halpin
Occupation  Restaurateur
Spouse  Damien Halpin (2008-)
Parents  Bela Doyle (father) Rita Doyle (mother)
Siblings  Yvonne Gleeson (sister) Helen Doyle (sister; deceased) Louise Doyle (sister) Jimmy Doyle (brother) Darren Doyle (brother)
Similar  Yvonne Gleeson, Carol Meehan, Farrah Phelan

Suzanne Halpin (née Doyle) is a fictional character on the Irish soap opera Fair City. The character is portrayed by Sarah Flood.

About Suzanne

Suzanne had a few relationships in Carrigstown. She had one with Floyd Phelan but she left him after he treated her badly. She then had a relationship with Damien Halpin. They broke up when they felt their relationship was going nowhere. Suzanne was heartbroken when her sister, Helen died. She was overjoyed when her parents got back together at Christmas.

Suzanne had a relationship with her college lecturer, Fiachra. However she was disappointed when she found out that he was married and had also slept with her best friend, Sarah O'Leary.

Suzanne decided to take a year out of Ireland and went to Indonesia to try to find herself.

When she got back, she was quick to resume her friendships with Sarah and Damian. She also started a relationship with Morgan. However she was horrified when she learnt that he was behind the brutal and savage murder of Gabriel Udenze. She quickly dumped him and Morgan went to jail.

In 2007, Suzanne was told that Morgan wanted to see her. She reluctantly visited him in prison where he told her that he loved her and wanted her to wait until he had served his time and continue their relationship. Suzanne was horrified and turned him down. The next day, she learnt that Morgan had committed suicide after she left. Suzanne felt very guilty.

Later in the year, she started to have feelings for her ex-boyfriend Damian. However she feared that if she acted on her feelings, it might ruin their friendship. Also, she couldn't tell him how she felt because he was in a strong relationship with his brother, Mark's teacher. Suzanne found out that she was having an affair with another man and was unsure whether she should tell Damian. Mark eventually found out and Damian dumped her.

Suzanne and Damian finally got together and got engaged straight away. Suzanne's parents were uncomfortable with how fast the relationship was going but were happy for her. She got married to Damian in January 2008. At the reception, she was devastated to see her mother, Rita, was after having a stroke.

Her and Damian automatically postponed the honeymoon and spent days by her bedside. Rita was in hospital for a few months before being sent to a nursing home. Suzanne was upset when she learned her mother may never be the same again.

It also caused a lot of problems in her marriage to Damian. She bickered with him a lot and was furious at him when he suggested they get away and go on their honeymoon. Bela, Suzanne's father convinced her to make up with him and go on her honeymoon which she did.

In 2010, Damien's infidelity caused their marriage to begin to fall apart. Suzanne became very domineering towards Damien, cultivating in her taking her frustration out on him violently.


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