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Sutton (surname)

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Sutton is an English-language surname of England and Ireland. One origin is from Anglo-Saxon where it is derived from sudh, suth, or suð, and tun referring to the generic placename "Southtown". Note that almost every county in England contains one or more placenames bearing the prefix "Sutton". The Domesday Book (1086) contains the first recorded spelling of the surname as "Ketel de Sudtone"; "Suttuna" also appeared in 1086 in records from Ely, Cambridgeshire. In 1379 tax records, the surname appears as "de Sutton" ("of Southtown"). One source refers to the origin as being Anglo-Norman, with the name itself derived as described above, from Anglo-Saxon terms.


Related surnames include early variants "de Sudtone" (1086), "Suttuna" (1086), "de Sutton" (1379), and "de Sutun". Additional variants include "Suton" and "Suttone".

This surname is shared by the following notable people:

Born in the 13th Century

  • Drew de Sutton (fl. 13th century), lord of the Manor of Thorncote, England
  • Geoffrey de Sutton (fl. 13th century), lord of the Manor of Tockholes, England
  • John de Sutton (fl. 1306), MP for Essex
  • Thomas of Sutton (or Thomas de Sutton) (fl. 1274–aft 1315), Dominican friar and theologian
  • Born in the 14th Century

  • Matrin de Sutton (fl. 15th century), first rector of Church of St George, Beckington
  • Hugh de Sutton (fl. 14th century), Prior of Christ Church Cathedral, Ireland
  • John de Sutton II (1310–1359), 1st Baron Sutton of Dudley
  • John de Sutton III (1339–c. 1370), 2nd Baron Sutton of Dudley
  • John de Sutton IV (1361–1396), 3rd Baron Sutton of Dudley
  • John de Sutton V (1380–1406), 4th Baron Sutton of Dudley
  • John Sutton of Lincoln (d. c. 1391), English politician
  • Born in the 15th Century

  • John Sutton, 1st Baron Dudley (1400–1487)
  • John Sutton (composer) (fl. 15th century), English composer
  • Edward Sutton, 2nd Baron Dudley (c. 1460–1531)
  • Born in the 16th Century

  • Thomas Sutton (1532–1611), British merchant and civil servant
  • Born in the 18th Century

  • John Sutton (merchant) (1777–1863), founder of Suttons Seeds
  • Samuel Sutton (1760–1832), Royal Navy admiral
  • Born in the 19th Century

  • Bertine Sutton (1886–1946), British air marshal
  • John Sutton, Baronet (1820–1873), benefactor and patron in Kiedrich
  • John Edward Sutton (1862–1945), British politician
  • Joseph William Sutton (1844-1914), British emigrant to Australia, shipbuilder, inventor, X-ray pioneer
  • Thomas Sutton (photographer) (1819–1875), English photographer, author, and inventor
  • Walter Sutton (1877–1916), American biologist
  • Born in the 20th Century

  • Andy Sutton (b. 1975), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Antony C. Sutton (1925–2002), historian and author
  • Chloe Sutton (b. 1992), American swimmer
  • Chris Sutton (b. 1973), English footballer
  • Crystal Lee Sutton (1940–2009), American union organizer and advocate, inspiration for the film Norma Rae
  • Deirdre Sutton (fl. 1960s) (Irish name Deirdre de Sutún), Irish sportsperson
  • Don Sutton (b. 1945), former Major League Baseball pitcher and sports broadcaster
  • Dudley Sutton (b. 1933), English actor
  • Eddie Sutton (b. 1936), college men's basketball coach
  • Frank Sutton (1923–1974), actor
  • Greg Sutton (basketball) (b. 1967), former American basketball player
  • Greg Sutton (soccer) (b. 1977), Canadian soccer goalkeeper
  • Jason Sutton OBE (b. 1966), Royal Air Force Regiment Officer
  • Jeffrey Sutton (b. 1960), federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.
  • Jeff Sutton (real estate developer) (b. 1960), New York real estate developer
  • Jim Sutton (b. 1941), New Zealand politician
  • Joe Sutton, American playwright
  • John Sutton (actor) (1908–1963), British—Indian actor
  • John F. Sutton, Jr., American lawyer
  • John Sutton (baseball) (b. 1952), American sportsperson
  • John Sutton (economist) (b. 1948), British academic
  • John Sutton (geologist) (1919–1992), British geologist
  • John Sutton (hurler) (Irish name Seán de Sutún), Irish sportsperson
  • John Sutton (RAF officer) (1932–2014), British military officer
  • John Sutton (rugby league) (b. 1984), Australian Rugby League player
  • John Jay Sutton (1949–2011), aka Oliver Humperdink, American professional wrestling manager
  • John R. Sutton (b. 1949), American academic
  • Johnny Sutton (b. 1961), United States Attorney
  • Julie Sutton (mayor) (b. 1937), Australian former mayor and councillor of Warringah council
  • Kathy Sutton, married name of Kathy Cox (skydiver)
  • Keith Sutton (bishop) (1934–2017), bishop of Lichfield, England
  • Laurie S. Sutton (b. 1953), American writer of comic books and children's books
  • Len Sutton (1925–2006), Formula One driver who scored zero championship points (1958–1960)
  • Matt Sutton (b. 1984), radio announcer in Australia
  • Mel Sutton, former English footballer
  • Mike Sutton (basketball), American basketballer
  • Mike Sutton (criminologist) (b. 1959), English criminologist
  • Mike Sutton (footballer) (b. 1944), former English footballer
  • Nicholas Sutton (b. 1969), English property developer
  • Paul Sutton (1910–1970), American actor
  • Paul Alexander Sutton (b. 1956), British businessman
  • Rebecca Sutton (born 1994), Finnish gymnast
  • Richard S. Sutton, computer scientist, identified as one of the founders of modern reinforcement learning
  • Ritchie Sutton (b. 1986), English footballer
  • Roger Sutton (b. 1964/1965), New Zealand business leader
  • Shelton B. Sutton, Jr. (1919–1942), United States Navy officer for whom more than one U.S. Navy ship has been named
  • Steve Sutton (footballer) (born 1961), English footballer
  • Steve Sutton (skydiver), Canadian skydiver
  • Tierney Sutton (b. 1963), American jazz singer
  • Tyrell Sutton (b. 1986), Northwestern Wildcat running back
  • Valerie Sutton, American inventor of DanceWriting
  • Ward Sutton, American political cartoonist
  • Willie Sutton (1901–1980), American bank robber and prison escape-artist
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