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Susanne un jour

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Susanne un jour is a 16th-century French poem by Guillaume Guéroult (1507–1569) that was set to music by Didier Lupi Second and much adapted by later composers, including Orlande de Lassus, Cipriano de Rore, Gerard van Turnhout, Claude Le Jeune, and Eustache Du Caurroy.

Lassus's Missa Susanne un Jour is a mass setting on the theme of the song tune.


The poem itself is based on the biblical story of Susannah and the Elders.

Suzanne un jour d'amour sollicitée Par deux vieillards convoitant sa beauté Fut en son cœur triste et déconfortée Voyant l'effort fait à sa chasteté. Elle leur dit : si par déloyauté De ce corps mien vous avez jouissance, C'est fait de moi ! Si je fais résistance, Vous me ferez mourir en déshonneur: Mais j'aime mieux périr en innocence Que d'offenser par péché le Seigneur.

English translation:

One day, Susanne's love was solicited By two old men coveting her beauty. She became sad and discomforted at heart, Seeing the attempt on her chastity. She said to them: 'If disloyally From my body you take pleasure, This is done to me! If I resist, You would make me die in disgrace: But I would rather perish in innocence, Than offend the Lord by sin.'


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