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Survivor Japan: Philippines

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Location(s)  Siquijor, Philippines.
Presented by  Nepture & Munehiro Tokita
Original release  October 15 (2002-10-15) – December 17, 2002 (2002-12-17)
Preceded by  Survivor Japan: Hokkaido
Followed by  Survivor Japan: North Mariana

Survivor Japan: Philippines, was the third season of Survivor Japan and it aired from October 15, 2002 to December 17th, 2002. This season was set in Siquijor, Philippines. The original tribes for this season were named Dalahican (ダラヒガン, Darahigan) and Ompus (ウンパス, Unpasu), and the merged tribe was named Tigum (ティゴム, Tigomu). As a new rule, contestants could win rewards without having to compete in reward challenges against the other tribe. In these challenges, each tribe could obtain rewards when they achieved a certain goal. Beginning with this season, each player could bring one luxury item. These items things couldn't be used as tools to survive on the island. Prior to the tribe merge, both tribes had to burn their camp down, and to move to the specified new island. Also beginning with this season the number of jury members increased from six to seven. Ultimately, it was construction worker Yasuhito Ebisawa, who won the season by a vote of 4-3 over bar owner Sei Sugawara. Following his victory, Ebisawa went on to become an actor in Japan.


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