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Surprise (1991 film)

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Initial release  1991
Film series  Luxo Jr. - Sesame Street
Producer  John Lasseter
Director  John Lasseter
Initial DVD release  1991 (USA)
Cast  Craig Good
Similar  Beach Chair, Tiny Toy Stories, Exploring the Reef, A Computer Animated, Mr Incredible and Pals

Surprise is a Pixar computer animated short created in 1991 by Pixar Animation Studios for Sesame Street. It starred Luxo Jr. from a previous Pixar short film. The film's length in total is no more than 20 seconds, making this one of Pixar's shortest animated films.The soundtrack in Surprise is the same as that used in "Luxo Jr."


Luxo the lamp begins examining at the box that moves and when the box opens, Luxo Jr. pops out. A male voice calls this "Surprise", to which Luxo Jr. nods his head eagerly to the camera and then to Luxo to express content. Luxo shakes his head in dismay.


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