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Superpower (board game)

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Superpower (board game)

Superpower, The Game of Global Exploitation was a board game published by Games Workshop in 1986. The game was written by E. Bruce Hollands and Daniel R. McGregor and drew heavily on the iconography of the late cold war era.

Players choose a coloured token and draw a number of cards representing world opinion, third world countries and invasions, and then progress through the game seeking to control third world countries and manage world opinion by propaganda.

Players work to destabilise countries by coup d'etat, military response, military fortification and invasion - each action of which costs world opinion, which is played out in 'diplomacy' utilising the iconography of the United Nations.

The game board was a stylised map of the world split into four regions with a path of came spaces running around them, small coloured tokens representing military forces were placed on countries coming under the player's control (similarly to the method used in monopoly with houses and hotels)

Up to six players could play with games taking between 90 minutes and two hours on average.


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