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Superior Court of Pennsylvania

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Superior Court of Pennsylvania

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania is one of two Pennsylvania intermediate appellate courts, the other being the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. (The subject matter jurisdiction of the Commonwealth Court is limited to decisions of state agencies, and certain cases where the Commonwealth is a party; the Superior Court is the appellate court of general jurisdiction.) Appeal to the Superior Court is generally of right from final decisions of the Court of Common Pleas. Although different panels of three judges may sit to hear appeals, there is only one Superior Court (that is, Pennsylvania is not divided into appellate territories). The court is based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and sits to hear cases in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia.

Superior Court judges are elected in statewide elections. The term of a Superior Court Judge is 10 years. After serving 10 years, judges may hold their seats if they win a retention vote. Voters have the right to retain or reject (vote out of office) Superior Court judges in Pennsylvania. Superior Court judges must retire from active service at the age of 70. They may serve as Senior Judges though, as approved by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Commissioned Judges

A vacancy was created when Judge Sallie Updyke Mundy was elevated to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court by Governor Tom Wolf in June 2016.

Senior judges: Correale Stevens, John L. Musmanno, James J. Fitzgerald III, William H. Platt, Eugene B. Strassburger III, Patricia Jenkins


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