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Super Akizuki class destroyer

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Name  Super Akizuki class
Planned  16 (1941) + 7 (1942)
Type  Destroyer
Operators  Imperial Japanese Navy
Cancelled  23
Preceded by  Akizuki class Super Shimakaze class

The Super Akizuki-class destroyer (超秋月型駆逐艦 or 改秋月型駆逐艦, Chō Akizuki-class or Kai Akizuki-class) were a projected class of destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), developed during the Second World War. The intention was to develop a faster destroyer based on the Akizuki class. The IJN Technical Department (艦政本部, Kansei-hombu) gave them the project number V7. However, the project was cancelled with none of the proposed ships being completed, because of the continued Japanese defeats.


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