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Supanecan languages

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Geographic distribution  Mexico, Nicaragua
Glottolog  subt1249
Linguistic classification  Oto-Mangue Western Oto-Mangue Tlapanec–Mangue Supanec
Subdivisions  Tlapanec Subtiaba ? Maribo (Guatajiguala)

The Supanecan or Tlapanecan languages are Tlapanec (Me'phaa) of Guerrero and the extinct Subtiaba of Nicaragua. The family was recognized in 1925 by Edward Sapir, who linked them to his Hokan proposal. However, they are the most recently recognized members of the Oto-Manguean language family, the relationship having been demonstrated in 1977 by Jorge Suárez.

Sapir proposed that a third language, the extinct Maribo of the village of Maribichicoa, on the Guatajiguala River in Lencan country in El Salvador, may have been the closest relative of Subtiaba, or that it in fact was Subtiaba. However, Campbell (1975) questions this.


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