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Suomen Kennelliitto - Finska Kennelklubben ry. (SKL-FKK) is a Finnish kennel club and a member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, an international federation of kennel clubs. It is known in English as the Finnish Kennel Club.

Founded in 1889, Suomen Kennelliitto is the oldest dog association in Scandinavia. It has more than 120,000 members and serves as a head organization for approximately 1,700 hobby and hunting clubs. It also publishes Koiramme (Our Dogs) magazine, and registers all purebred dogs in Finland.

Recognized Breeds

The Finnish Kennel Club has officially recognized all the FCI breeds and ten additional breeds. Most of the additional breeds are also recognized by the Nordic Kennel Union, but there are several exceptions.

The breeds officially recognized by the Finnish Kennel Club:

  • All the FCI breeds
  • American Eskimo Dog under the name Amerikaneskimokoira
  • American Hairless Terrier under the name Amerikankarvatonterrieri
  • Anglo-Russian Hound under the name Englantilais-venäläinen ajokoira
  • Bluetick Coonhound
  • Bohemian Shepherd under the name Tsekinpaimenkoira (literally "Czech Shepherd")
  • Bolonka Zwetnaya under the name Venäjänbolonka (literally "Russian Bolonka")
  • Danish Spitz under the name Tanskanpystykorva
  • East-European Shepherd under the name Itäeuroopanpaimenkoira
  • Estonian Hound under the name Eestinajokoira
  • Gotland Hound under the name Gotlanninajokoira
  • Hällefors Elkhound under the name Hälleforsinkoira (literally "Hällefors Dog")
  • Lancashire Heeler under the name Lancashirenkarjakoira (literally "Lancashire Cattle Dog")
  • Plott Hound under the name Plottinajokoira
  • Prague Ratter under the name Prahanrottakoira
  • Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz under the name Andalusianrottakoira (literally "Andalusian Ratter")
  • Rat Terrier under the name Amerikanrottaterrieri (literally "American Rat Terrier")
  • Russian Hound under the name Venäjänajokoira
  • Swedish White Elkhound under the name Valkoinen ruotsinhirvikoira (literally "White Swedish Elkhound")
  • Tenterfield Terrier under the name Tenterfieldinterrieri
  • Toy Fox Terrier under the name Amerikankääpiökettuterrieri (literally "American Toy Fox Terrier")
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