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Sunspot Records

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Founded  1991
Country of origin  USA
Founder  Bryan Wassom
Genre  Independent
Location  Arlington, VA

Sunspot Records was a small independent record label from the Washington D.C. area that existed in the early nineties. The Sunspot roster featured bands primarily from the east coast of the U.S.. Several of these bands such as Avail, Shades Apart, 1.6 Band, and Fly (pre Trans-Am) went on to have successful music careers. The label was founded, owned, and operated by Bryan Wassom until it closed shop in 1994.


Sunspot 1: Ordeal 7" ep (500 pressed)

Sunspot 2: Avail 7" ep "Who's To Say...What Stays The Same" (1000 pressed/3 colors vinyl/3 covers)

Sunspot 3: Shades Apart 12"ep "Dude Danger" (1000 pressed) subsequently re-pressed by the band

Sunspot 4: Fly 7" ep (1000 pressed)

Sunspot 5: 1.6 Band 7" ep "Your Restaurant" (1000 pressed) subsequently re-pressed on Gern Blandsten Records

Sunspot 6: Fine Day 7" (1000 pressed)

Sunspot 7: Groove 7" (1000 pressed)


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