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Sung-through (also through-sung) is an adjective describing a musical, musical film, or opera with no spoken dialogue, except perhaps for some occasional lines spoken in the course of a song but remaining part of the song's lyrics rather than constituting stand-alone dialogue.

Conversations, speeches, and musings are communicated musically through a combination of recitative, aria, and arioso. Early versions of this include the Italian genre of opera buffa, a light-hearted form of opera that gained prominence in the 1750s.

In 2015, Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton introduced the idea of communicating dialogue through rap, therefore keeping the spirit of a sung-through musical, without literally singing everything. A through-sung opera or other narrative work with continuous music may also be described as through-composed.

List of sung-through musicals depending on the production

  • Chess
  • Originally starting off as a concept album, the musical has a reputation for being re-written during every new production that is staged around the world. Some productions are completely sung-through, some are have scattered lines, and some (notably the original Broadway production) are staged as book musicals.
  • Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris
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