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Sun hwa (name)

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Hangul  선화
McCune–Reischauer  Sŏnhwa
Revised Romanization  Seon-hwa
Hanja  善伙, 善花, 善華, 善貨, and others

Sun-hwa, also spelled Seon-hwa, is a Korean female given name. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write the name. There are 41 hanja with the reading "sun" and 15 hanja with the reading "hwa" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be used in given names.

People referred to mononymously by this name include:

  • Princess Seonhwa of Silla (fl. 7th century), Korean princess of the Silla Dynasty
  • Other people with this name include:

  • Han Sunhwa (born 1990), South Korean idol singer, member of girl group Secret
  • Kim Seon-Hwa (born 1991), South Korean team handball player
  • Seon-Hwa Lee (born 1986), South Korean golfer on the LPGA tour
  • Oh Seon-hwa (born 1956), South Korean-born Japanese writer and journalist
  • Seo Sun-hwa (born 1982), South Korean sports shooter
  • Fictional characters with this name include:

  • Kim Seon-hwa, in 2009 South Korean television series Iris
  • Sun-Hwa Kwon, in 2004–2010 American television series Lost
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