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Sun Ray Photo Company

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Sun Ray Photo Company was a 1940s business which was located at 301 Lafayette Street The firm specialized in manufacturing low priced photographic enlargers.

Product specifications

Sun Ray Photo Company made photographers' equipment including camera tripods and four photo enlargers. The tripods were multi-sectional, fabricated in chrome-plated steel tubing and brass friction fittings. The photo enlargers, three of which employed a double condenser, are the Arnold D, Mastercraft 23, and Mastercraft 43 models. The exception is the Aristocrat A, Sun Ray's initial entry, which is equipped with a diffusion head. The Aristocrat A is focused by means of a focusing tube. The other Sun Ray enlargers are focused through a bellows (photography). None of Sun Ray's enlargers are equipped with autofocus. All use a single post column. Aside from the corporation's final enlarger, the Mastercraft 43, each has a 2.25 × 3.25-inch format. Mastercraft 43 has a 4 × 5-inch format. The Arnold D enlarger model features a faster standard lens than any of the others.


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