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Suk (name)

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Suk is a both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:



  • Suk (Korean name), uncommon Korean surname
  • Cyril Suk (born 1967), Czech tennis player
  • Feliks Suk (1845–1915), Croatian university professor and rector of the University of Zagreb
  • Grigoriy Suk (1896–1917), flying ace during World War I
  • Jeannie Suk (born 1973), law professor at Harvard Law School
  • Joey Suk (born 1989), Dutch-Indonesian footballer, currently with the Dutch club Go Ahead Eagles
  • Josef Suk (composer) (1874–1935), Czech composer of classical music
  • Josef Suk (violinist) (1929–2011), grandson of Josef Suk, the composer
  • Julie Suk (born 1924), American poet from Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Mykola Suk (born 1945), Ukrainian pianist
  • Oleh Suk (born 1965), Ukrainian rock musician, primarily bass guitar
  • Sao Seng Suk (1935–2007), Prominent Shan leader in Burma, also known as Khun Kyar Nu
  • Václav Suk (1861–1933), also Vyacheslav Ivanovich Suk, violinist and composer
  • Given name

  • Suk Bahadur, a Burmese footballer who served as the captain of Myanmar national football team (1952-1970)
  • Suk Bahadur Rai, only Gurkha to have received the Aung San Thuriya medal
  • Suk Sam Eng, Cambodian politician
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