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Sugari no Ontachi

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Sugari No Ontachi (須賀利御太刀) is a sword which represents the regalia of Japan. It is being held at the Ise Shrine in the Mie Prefecture and only taken out when a new emperor ascends the throne. During this ceremony, a feather from a crested ibis is also used. The last time the sword was taken out for ceremonial purposes, in 1995, the endangered status of the crested ibis caused worry that the ceremony would also eventually be impossible, so a stock of feathers from the crested ibis was gathered for use until the year 2013.

It is related to Kusanagi no Tsurugi, but this may only extend as far as its use with the Imperial Regalia of Japan.

This sword was introduced in the Impérial Family's Regalias by Empress Jitō.

Sugari no Ontachi Sugari no Ontachi


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