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Suffocate (Feeder song)

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Released  19 May 1997
Genre  Alternative rock
Label  Echo
Recorded  Mid 1996
Length  3:53
Producer(s)  Chris Sheldon, Feeder

"Suffocate" is a track by UK rock band Feeder re-recorded from their 1997 album Polythene, and was released as an in-between single to bridge the gap between the then-current album, and its follow-up Yesterday Went Too Soon. Feeder would later repeat this in-between single process building up to a following album, with "Just a Day" in 2001 and "Shatter" / "Tender" in 2005. The single reached the UK Singles Chart, peaking at number 37.


The version of "Suffocate" released as a single is a full-band version of the acoustic track from the "Polythene" album, with slightly amended lyrics. The song began life in 1994 as part of the band's demo under the name "Give". At that time the band were called "Real". At the time of its single release, Grant Nicholas said that he wanted to revisit the song.

Frontman Grant also once said that "Give" was the song that secured the band's record deal, which in turn was one of the reasons for its inclusion on The Singles.


  1. "Suffocate" (single version)
  2. "Eclipse"
  3. "Cockroach"
  4. "High" (Live from Reading 97' video)


  1. "Suffocate" (single version)
  2. "Dry" (acoustic)
  3. "Spill"
  4. "Descend" (Live from Reading 97' video)

7" vinyl (Dark Purple)

  1. "Suffocate" (single version)
  2. "Eclipse"


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