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Strontium 89

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Molar mass  159.81 g/mol
Protons  38
Halflife  1.7 months
Neutrons  51
Strontium-89 Strontium Chloride SR89 FDA prescribing information side effects

Strontium-89 (89
) is a radioactive isotope of strontium produced by nuclear fission, with a half-life of 50.57 days. It undergoes β decay into yttrium-89. Strontium-89 has an application in medicine.

Strontium-89 Use of Strontium89 in Metastatic Cancer US and UK Experience

Physiological effects and medical use

Strontium-89 Strontium89 Wikipedia

Strontium belongs to the same periodic family as calcium (alkaline earth metals), and is metabolised in a similar fashion. 89Sr, used in the treatment of osseous (bony) metastases preferentially targets metabolically active regions of the bone. As such, intravenous or intracavity administration of 89Sr may be helpful in the palliation of painful bony metastases, as it allows for targeted radiation to metastatic lesions, inducing apoptosis of cells, membrane and protein damage. Subsequently, bone pain resulting from cytokine release at the site of lesions, bone-associated nerve compression and stretching of the periosteum may be reduced. Treatment with 89Sr has been particularly effective in patients with hormonally-resistant prostate cancer, often leading to a decreased requirement for opioid analgesics, an increase in time until further radiation, and a decrease in tumour markers.

Strontium-89 ENSDF Decay Data in the MIRD Format for 89Sr

It is an artificial radioisotope which is used in treatment of bone cancer. In circumstances where cancer patients have widespread and painful bony metastases, the administration of 89Sr results in the delivery of beta particles directly to the area of bony problem, where calcium turnover is greatest.

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Strontium-89 Use of Strontium89 in Metastatic Cancer US and UK Experience


Strontium-89 Wikipedia

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