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Strid (band)

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Also known as  Malfeitor
Years active  1991–present
Active until  1992
Origin  Askim, Norway (1991)
Genres  Black metal
Past members  (see below)
Genre  Black metal
Record label  Malicious Records
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Labels  Malicious Records Kyrck Productions & Armour
Members  Vicotnik Ravn Harjar Lars Fredrik Bergstrøm
Albums  Strid, Pandemonium, Malfeitor
Similar  Ved Buens Ende, Forgotten Woods, Abyssic Hate, Manes, Koldbrann

Strid is a Norwegian black metal band that was originally known as "Malfeitor" from 1991 to 1992. After releasing two demos - "Malfeitor" (in 1991) and "Pandemonium" (in 1992), they changed their name to "Battle" and there were some line up changes at the time. In the year of 1992 the band released the "End of Life" demo. The demo contains only one song which is around 11 minutes. The line up at the time of recording the demo was: Storm - on bass and vocals, Lars Fredrik Bergstrøm - on guitars and Jardar - on drums. The guitars were written by Lars Fredrik Bergstrøm (1974 - 2014). In 1993 the band changed the name to "Strid" which means "Battle" in Norwegian. That same year, Strid re-released their "End of Life" demo under their new name, through the German label "Malicious Records". After releasing the "End of life" demo, Lars Fredrik Bergstrøm left the band and was replaced by Ravn Harjar. Through the years between 1993 and 1995, the band writes and records the self-titled EP which was released through Malicious Records and contains only two songs - "Det hviskes blant sorte vinder" which means "It Is Whispered Amid the Black Winds" in Norwegian and "Nattevandring" which means "Nightwandering" in Norwegian. The music style and sound of this demo is more ambient/atmospheric black metal oriented. Mainly because of this release, the band is commonly recognised as the creators of depressive black metal along with some other bands from the second wave of black metal music. At this time the band line up contains: Ravn Harjar - on guitars, Storm - on bass and vocals and Jardar - on drums. After the releasing of the self-titled EP, there was no any official releases by the band. There are also bootleg releases that came out through the years like the CD from 2005 by Ars Mysteriorum and LP, each featuring both "End of Life" and the self - titled EP tracks. In the year of 2001 the original former member of "Malfeitor/Battle/Strid", bass player and vocalist - Storm committed suicide. In the year of 2007, the Greek label Kyrck Productions & Armour re-released all the previous material released by the band from the past which contains all "Malfeitor/Battle/Strid" material. Somewhere between 2009 and 2010 there was a reunion of the band with old members including Vicotnik (Dødheimsgard, ex-Aphrodisiac, ex-Ved Buens Ende, ex-Manes, ex-Code, ex-Naer Mataron, ex-Endwarfment). Another member that was part of the reunion was Lars Fredrik Bergstrøm - the main composer of the "End of Life" track. In 2014 Lars Fredrik Bergstrøm died. At this time the band line up contains Ravn Harjar - on guitars and vocals, Vicotnik - on bass and Sigmund (ex-Inflabitan, ex-Dødheimsgard) - on guitars. In January 2015, Ravn Harjar wrote a statement on the official Strid Facebook page that in the autumn of the year 2015 the band will start recording their first full-length album which will be titled "Endetid". That means "End of times" in Norwegian.



Strid is commonly recognized as a major pioneering act within the depressive black metal scene. Strid, alongside the Burzum's albums Hvis lyset tar oss and Filosofem, influenced musically the Swedish band Shining, who writes music almost exclusively about depression and suicide.

Current members

  • Vicotnik – bass, vocals
  • Ravn Harjar – guitar
  • Sigmund - guitar
  • Former members

  • Lars Fredrik Bergstrøm (deceased – 2014) – guitar
  • Storm (deceased – 2001) – bass, vocals
  • Jardar – drums
  • Discography

  • Malfeitor (1991, self-released, demo)
  • Pandemonium (1992, self-released, demo)
  • End of Life (1993, self-released, demo)
  • Strid (1994, Malicious Records, EP)
  • Strid (2007, Kyrck Productions & Armour, compilation)
  • Songs

    NattevandringStrid · 1994
    Det hviskes blant sorte vinderStrid · 1994
    Death WarriorPandemonium · 1992


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