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Stedman (name)

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Stedman is a surname and given name. Notable people with the name include:



  • Arthur Stedman (1868–1958), British architect
  • Bert Stedman (born 1956), American politician from Alaska
  • Charles Stedman (1753–1812), British Army officer, writer, and historian
  • Charles Harrison Stedman (1805–1866), American medical society founder
  • Charles Manly Stedman (1841–1930), politician and lawyer from North Carolina
  • Chris Stedman (born 1987), American writer and interfaith activist
  • Daniel Stedman, American filmmaker
  • Edmund Clarence Stedman (1833–1908), American poet, critic, and essayist
  • Edward Stedman (1842–1925), senior British Indian Army officer
  • Elizabeth Clementine Stedman (1810–1889), American writer
  • Fabian Stedman (1640–1713), English originator of method ringing in bell ringing
  • Fred Stedman (1870–1918), English cricketer
  • Geoffrey Ernest Stedman (born 1943), New Zealand physicist
  • Ivan Stedman (1895–1979), Australian swimmer
  • John Stedman (disambiguation), multiple people, including:
  • John Andrew Stedman (1778–1833), Dutch lieutenant-general during the Waterloo campaign
  • John Gabriel Stedman (1744–1797), Dutch/British soldier
  • Joseph F. Stedman (1898–1946), American religious leader and author
  • Lincoln Stedman (1907–1948), American silent film actor
  • Marshall Stedman (1874–1943), American stage and silent screen actor/director, playwright, author and drama teacher
  • Michael Stedman (disambiguation), multiple people, including:
  • Michael Stedman (historian) (born 1949), British historian
  • Michael Stedman (journalist) (born 1985), Australian political reporter
  • Myrtle Stedman (1883–1938), American actress
  • Phyllis Stedman, Baroness Stedman (1916–1996), British politician
  • Ray Stedman (1917–1992), American religious leader
  • Seymour Stedman (1871–1948), American jurist and activist
  • Thomas Lathrop Stedman (1853–1938), American medical doctor and authority
  • Troy Stedman (born 1965), American football linebacker
  • William Stedman (1765-1831), U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
  • Given name

  • Stedman Bailey (born 1990), American football wide receiver
  • Stedman Graham (born 1951), American educator, author, businessman, speaker, and partner of Oprah Winfrey
  • Stedman Pearson (born 1964), English singer and dancer
  • Stedman Prescott (1896–1968), American jurist who served on the Supreme Court of Maryland
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