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Steamship Pulaski disaster

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US Steamship "Pulaski"

Class and type
Steam packet

Steamship Pulaski disaster httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

blown up and wrecked 14 June 1838

about 128 lost; 59 saved

The American steam packet Pulaski was lost thirty miles off the coast of North Carolina when its starboard boiler exploded on June 14, 1838.

Among those lost was former Congressman William B. Rochester and the mother and six siblings of Charles Augustus Lafayette Lamar.

About 59 persons survived the shipwreck. The Delaware Gazette newspaper later ran a story about the fortunes of two survivors: Charles Ridge, left penniless after the shipwreck, became engaged to heiress Miss Onslow whom he had saved from the shipwreck. However, neither person appeared on a list of survivors published two weeks after the wreck.


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