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State Highway 20 (Karnataka)

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West end:  Bachi, Belgaum
Length  354 km
East end:  Raichur
Primary destinations:  Bachi, Belgaum, Yargatti, Lokapur, Bagalkot, Hungund, Lingasugur, Raichur
Districts  Belgaum district, Bagalkot district, Raichur district

Karnataka State Highway 20, commonly referred to as KA SH 20, is a normal state highway that runs west through Belgaum, Bagalkot, Raichur districts in the state of Karnataka. This state highway touches numerous cities and villages Viz.Hindalaga Jail , Sambra, Marihal, Nesargi, Yaragatti, Amingad, Nandavadgi, Mudgal, Kavital, Sirvar, Kalmala. The total length of the highway is 354 kilometres (220 mi).


Map of SH 20, Karnataka

Route description

Many villages, cities and towns in various districts are connected by this state highway. The route followed by this highway is Bachi, Belgaum, Yeraghatti, Lokapur, Bagalkot, Hungund, Lingasugur, Raichur

National Highways

  • NH 4A at Belgaum city
  • NH 4 at Belgaum
  • NH 218 at Gaddanakeri
  • State Highways

  • KA SH 31 at Nesargi
  • KA SH 1 at Murgod
  • KA SH 45 and KA SH 55 at Yaragatti
  • KA SH 34 at Lokapur
  • KA SH 53 at Kaladhagi
  • KA SH 13 at Bagalkot
  • KA SH 44 at Amingad
  • KA SH 60 at Hungund
  • KA SH 14 at Nagarhal
  • KA SH 15 and KA SH 23 at Kalmala
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