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Starter pack

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A starter pack (or starter deck, often trial deck in Japan) is a sealed package of cards or figurines, designed to serve as the beginning of a collection, in collectible card games and collectible miniature wargames.


Starter packs usually contain a fairly large number of items. In some cases these items are randomly selected, while in others they are pre-determined, or often some combination of the two. In almost all cases, they are designed to provide a set of cards or figurines that is sufficient for a new player to play a game according to the rules, if not necessarily with a high probability of winning. Some starter packs are sets meant for two players, so that a single set can be used instead of each player supplying his or her own.

In general, starters include rulebooks for their games, as well as other accessories required to play (e.g. counters or playmats). The starter packaging for card games typically includes a box of some type, so that the cards can be carried without need for additional card storage.

Starter packs are generally priced to serve as small gifts, with prices comparable to compact discs.

Starter packs are complemented by their smaller, cheaper counterparts, booster packs.


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