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Stanovoy Range

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The Stanovoy Range (Russian: Станово́й хребе́т, Stanovoy khrebet; simplified Chinese: 外兴安岭; traditional Chinese: 外興安嶺; pinyin: Wài xìng'ān lǐng), also known as Sükebayatur and Sükhbaatar in Mongolian, or Outer Khingan Range is a mountain range located in southeastern parts of the Russian Far East. It runs south-west to north-east for over 900 km, from the Olyokma River in the west, to the Uchur River in the east. almost to the Sea of Okhotsk. It separates the watershed of the Arctic Ocean (via the Lena) from that of the Pacific Ocean (via the Amur). For this reason, it was the border between Russia and China from 1689 (Treaty of Nerchinsk) to 1858 (Treaty of Aigun).

Map of Stanovoy Range, Sakha Republic, Russia, 678994

It is about 725 km long. Its highest point is Mount Skalisty at 2,482 meters (8,143 ft). The range has many glaciers, which are the main source of the Lena River.

The Yablonovy Range may be considered a southwestern extension of the Stavonoy. Before the 20th century, Stanavoy could also refer to a somewhat mythical range along the west coast of the Sea of Okhotsk.


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