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St. Mary's Church, Tórshavn

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Location  Tórshavn Faroe Islands
Denomination  Roman Catholic Church
Country  Faroe Islands
Address  Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
St. Mary's Church, Tórshavn
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The St. Mary's Church (Faroese: Mariukirkjan) is the name given to a parish belonging to the Catholic Church, located in Mariugøta 4 in the city of Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, a dependent territory of the Kingdom of Denmark in the Norwegian Sea, with status of Country autonomous.

It is a religious building that follows the Roman or Latin rite and depends on the Catholic diocese based in Copenhagen in Denmark. The Catholic Church has been in the islands since 999 AD, but after the Protestant Reformation in 1538 the last Catholic bishop in the islands was executed.

In 1931 two young priests, E. G. Boekenoogen and Thomas King, undertook the task of restoring the Catholic presence in the Faroe Islands. In a rented house to the Franciscan sisters who came to the Faroes in 1931, a small church was consecrated on May 23 the same year. Along with the new school of St. Francis, the sisters had built the new St. Mary's Church was consecrated on June 1, 1933.


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