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St. Edmund's School, Shillong

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St. Edmund's School, Shillong

St. Edmund's School, Shillong is an all-boys institution of the Roman Catholic Church affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, (ICSE) New Delhi, India. The school is situated in the Laitumkhrah Hills of Shillong.



The school was established by the Congregation of Christian Brothers (India province) in Laitumkhrah, Shillong in 1916. The school is located in Laitumkhrah, Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya State. Set amongst the lush temperate forests of the Khasi and Jaintia Hills with its many waterfalls, Shillong was known as Scotland of the East during the British colonial period. The brotherhood was founded by Blessed Edmund Rice. The Christian Brothers were invited to Shillong in 1915 and St. Edmund’s College was begun in 1916. It was, however, in 1923 that the College was ready to start Inter-Arts and Inter-Science classes, and affiliation to the University of Calcutta, for these courses was received in 1923. The first classes of the University section of St. Edmund’s College opened in 1924. Bro. J. E. McCann was the first Principal of the College (he was also the Principal of the School at this time). Bro. I. O’Leary was the first Principal of the College (separate from the School).

From 1924 to 1936, St. Edmund’s College was junior college for Intermediate Arts and Science. At this level the college offered English, Alternative English, Latin, History, Maths, Geography, Physical Chemistry for arts and science respectively.

The College celebrated its Platinum Jubilee in 1999. St.Edmund's School celebrated its centenary celebrations by starting with the opening ceremony on the 5th of June 1905 and its closing ceremony on the same date in 2016


Creation Week is a week-long extravaganza where students are provided a platform for displaying their non-curriculum talents. Students from other schools are invited to participate as guest viewers for the week. The students display their talent in debates, extempore speeches, declamations, dances, spelling bee, skits, dramas, quizzes, dumbcharades to individual talent displays like solo singing, solo musical performance and poetry."

Annual Sports

The annual sports is held in April. On this day, students from classes KG to 10 perform drills. Other schools participate in the sports. It is one of the most popular activities in Shillong and people from all places come to watch it.

Annual Concert

The annual concert is usually held in September. It is a grand extravaganza of theatrics, dance and music and draws a wide audience of students, parents and teachers.


The school also provides different clubs such as Environment Club. Debate Club, Disaster Management Club, Edmund Rice Club, Photography Club, Science Club and the Scribes Club. The Scribes Club manages the monthly school newsletter.


The school provides different tournaments for students in the fields of basketball (class 7 to class 10), football (class 5 to class 10), Cricket (classes 7 to 10), etc.


The school takes the students of class 8 and above to a camping expedition. This usually happens during the months of October and November.


The school caters to not just subjects prescribed by the ISCE but also includes subjects like Moral Science.

The Card System Until the 1990s the school maintained a system of class tests spanned across the academic year, in between regular term exams. These class tests were for different grades - green, blue, pink and yellow. The green cards were averaged based on high percentage while yellow denoted failure in one or more primary subjects.

Unit Test

Unit Tests are a regular feature. In 2015, with the new principal BR. Solomon Morris, the unit test is held two times each term.

Term Exam

The school usually has two terms exams a year, one in June and the other in the final week of November. Unlike card tests, which were conducted within classrooms, the term exams were more formal. Classes KG to 3 do not have term exams and their promotion is based mainly from class tests. Classes 4 usually have their exams in their classrooms, classes 5 and 6 have their exams in the classrooms of 6 .Classes 7-9 have their exams in different class.

From 1992 onwards the ICSE pattern was changed, with the introduction of projects and later bifurcation of the syllabus. A typical class-X term exam had the following schedule:

  • English Literature
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Geography
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer Science/Commerce (Computer compulsory from Classes 4-8)
  • 2nd Language(Khasi or Hindi)
  • 3rd Language* is needed from class 5 to 8.
  • Art and Craft
  • P.T.
  • Aerobics (till Class 6)
  • Music (till Class 5)
  • For example, if a student takes his 2nd Language as Hindi, that means his 3rd Language will be Khasi.


    List of principals in chronological order

  • Br. A.L Aherne 1916-1918
  • Br. M.S.O'Brien 1918-1922
  • Br. J.C. Doheny 1922-1923
  • Br. J.E. McCann 1923-1929
  • Br. M.B. Power 1929-1931
  • Br. J.C. Roe 1931-1937
  • Br. J.M McGee 1937-1941
  • Br. E.B Mockler 1941-1944
  • Br. J.I O'Leary 1944-1949
  • Br. J.C. Roe 1949-1954
  • Br. J.A. McPhilimey 1954-1960
  • Br. R.B. Oman 1960-1966
  • Br. D.E. Hayes 1966-1972
  • Br. J.B. Judge 1972-1973
  • Br. R.B. Oman 1973-1975
  • Br. C.P. Gaffney 1975-1981
  • Br. S.A. Pinto 1981-1983
  • Br. A.L. Noronha 1983-1985
  • Br. H.C. McGann 1985-1988
  • Br. S. Coelho 1988-1995
  • Br. P. Henriques 1995
  • Br. J.F. Manuel 1995-1999
  • Br. K. Pimenta 1999-2004
  • Mr. G.G. Pariat 2005
  • Mrs. M.T. Syiem 2006–2014
  • Mrs. G. Lyngdoh 2014- 2015
  • Br. S.L.Morris 2015-present
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