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Spider Man (2010 toy line)

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Spider-Man is a 334" action figure line manufactured by Hasbro to be released in early 2010 based on the comic book counterparts of characters within the Spider-Man universe. While sharing the same simple title of past 6" lines, this is considered a brand new series and not a continuation of previous ones. This line of figures has more in common with Hasbro's animated series action figure lines such as Wolverine and the X-Men in that it is geared more toward a younger crowd of collectors and the figures are not always fully articulated. Many of the figures come with gimmicks such as special armor or light-up eyes.


Single Carded 3 3⁄4" Figures - Series 1

Every action figure in the line comes with three trading cards called "fiercest foe battle cards." Variant figures are noted by an asterisk followed by the wave the variant was released closest to.

Battle Packs

These are 3-packs which consist of repaints of single-carded figures and accessories, many of which are metallic and/or translucent.

Web Battlers

This is a series of 6" figures, each with a specific webbing-based action that is activated by squeezing the figure's legs. The figures have little articulation and the webbing accessories are permanently attached.

Battle Vehicles

These large vehicles each come with a 334" figure. They have less articulation than the single carded figures, only allowing movement of the neck, shoulder and hip.

Zoom N' Go

This is a series of small vehicles have "pull back racing action". When the vehicle is pulled back and let go, it races forward automatically. The character attached to each vehicle cannot be removed. Hasbro uses Zoom N' Go vehicles in many of their toy lines, usually just repainting older toys and swapping out the attached character.

Web Splashers

This is a series of water play vehicles, each of which comes with a 334" figure. These are less articulated than the single carded figures, offering neck and shoulder articulation only.

The first wave of figures has the grammatically incorrect "Web Splasher's" on the card, which was corrected to "Web Splashers" in the second wave.

Role Play

Role play toys are products such as masks, gloves, and life-size accessories. These toys were not released in waves.

Single Carded 2" Figures

This is a series of small figured with limited articulation being marketed alongside the regular 334" line. No accessories are included with any of the figures.


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