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Spain (surname)

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Pronunciation  Spain
Meaning  derived from Gaelic Spainneach meaning Spanish, Old French espine meaning thorn bush
Region of origin  England, Wales; Normandy, France; southern Ireland
Related names  Épaignes, de Espaigne, Espinay, Spane, Spainneach, Spaigne, Spayne, de Hispana, Spaine

Spain a surname English, Norman, French, Irish in origin, but linked to expatriates, or colonialists, who either had origins in Spain or had spent a significant amount of time there. The evolution of the name came about when the government of each European country introduced personal taxation, known as Poll Tax in England, and surnames became necessary for record keeping.


Earliest usage

The earliest recorded use of the surname;

  • in the form of de Espaigne is from 1179 in the Pipe Rolls of Essex during the reign of King Henry II
  • in the form of Espáine...
  • in the form of Spane is from 1302 in Subsidy Rolls of Yorkshire
  • in the form of Spaigne is from 1318 in the Calendar of Letter Books of London
  • in the form of Spayne is from 1327 in the Subsidy Rolls of Cambridgeshire
  • in the form of de Hispania is from 1086 in the Domesday Book of 1086, came from Espaignes
  • in the form of Spaine is from 1579 in the Recordings from London Church Registers
  • in the form of Spain is from 1697 in the Recordings from London Church Registers
  • People

  • Míl Espáine
  • Douglas Spain (born 1974), American film and television actor
  • Frances Lander Spain
  • Francis Spain
  • Frank K. Spain
  • James W. Spain (1926–2008), American Foreign Service
  • Karl Spain
  • Ken Spain
  • Mark Spain
  • Nancy Spain
  • Patrick Spain
  • Robert Hitchcock Spain
  • W.J. Spain
  • Jazzmin Ora- Lee Spain
  • Quinton Spain
  • References

    Spain (surname) Wikipedia

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