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Sowol Poetry Prize

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The So-Wol Poetry Prize is one of the most prestigious literary awards in Korea. Established by Moonhaksasangsa, a publishing company, in 1986, the prize aims to commemorate the soul of poetry of Kim Sowol.

The awardees are selected through a two round process, in which published poems are first selected, then evaluated by university professors, literary critics, poets, editors-in-chief of literary magazine, and journalists in literary fields (1st round). The first round also includes the results from enquiries asked of the readers of Moonhaksasang, the literary magazine published by Moonhaksasangsa. Then, as the final round, 10 works of poetry are decided through the discussion among renowned literary critics and poets: one earns the grand prize, the rest are titled as the recommended objet de vertu.

Every year, Moonhaksasangsa publishes the collection of awarded poems.

List of the Awardees and the title of the Poems in chronological order


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