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Sowerby (surname)

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Sowerby is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Sowerby family, a British family of naturalists and artists
  • Arthur de Carle Sowerby (1885–1954), British explorer in China
  • Charlotte Caroline Sowerby (1820–1865), British natural history illustrator
  • George Brettingham Sowerby I (1788–1854), British malacologist
  • George Brettingham Sowerby II (1812–1884), British malacologist
  • George Brettingham Sowerby III (1843–1921), British malacologist
  • James Sowerby (1757–1822), British zoologist and painter
  • James Sowerby (1815–1834), British mycologist
  • James de Carle Sowerby (1787–1871), English scientist and artist
  • John Edward Sowerby (1825–1870), artist and publisher
  • E. Millicent Sowerby (1883–1977), English bibliographer
  • Francis Sowerby Macaulay, British mathematician
  • Fred Sowerby (born 1948), Antigua and Barbuda sprinter
  • Githa Sowerby (1876–1970), English playwright
  • John George Sowerby (1850–1914), English painter and illustrator
  • Leo Sowerby (1895–1968), twentieth-century American composer
  • Millicent Sowerby (1878–1967), English painter and illustrator
  • Fictional Characters

  • From The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Dickon Sowerby, a main character with knowledge about nature
  • Martha Sowerby, a servant at the house and Mary's maid
  • Mrs Sowerby, Dickon and Martha's mother.
  • References

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