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Sovetsky, Russia

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Sovetsky (Russian: Сове́тский; masculine), Sovetskaya (Сове́тская; feminine) or Sovetskoye (Сове́тское; neuter) is the name of several inhabited localities in Russia.

Map of Sovetsky District, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia

Urban localities
  • Sovetsky, Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug, a town in Sovetsky District of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug
  • Sovetsky, Leningrad Oblast, a settlement of urban type in Vyborgsky District of Leningrad Oblast
  • Sovetsky, Mari El Republic, an urban-type settlement in Sovetsky District of the Mari El Republic
  • Sovetskoye, Saratov Oblast, a work settlement in Sovetsky District of Saratov Oblast
  • Rural localities
  • Sovetsky, Republic of Adygea, a khutor in Maykopsky District of the Republic of Adygea
  • Sovetsky, Kostroma Oblast, a settlement in Mezhevskoy District of Kostroma Oblast
  • Sovetsky, name of several other rural localities
  • Sovetskaya, Krasnodar Krai, a stanitsa in Sovetsky Rural Okrug of Novokubansky District of Krasnodar Krai
  • Sovetskaya, Kurgan Oblast, a village in Shchuchansky District of Kurgan Oblast
  • Sovetskaya, Rostov Oblast, a stanitsa in Sovetsky District of Rostov Oblast
  • Sovetskaya, Stavropol Krai, a stanitsa in Kirovsky District of Stavropol Krai
  • Sovetskoye, Altai Krai, a selo in Sovetsky District of Altai Krai
  • Sovetskoye, Belgorod Oblast, a selo in Alexeyevsky District of Belgorod Oblast
  • Sovetskoye, name of several other rural localities
  • Historical names
  • Sovetskoye, name of Zelenokumsk, a town in Stavropol Krai, from 1963 to 1965
  • Abolished inhabited localities
  • Sovetsky, a former urban-type settlement in the Komi Republic; since 2002—a part of the town of Vorkuta
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