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Southern Presbyterian Church (Australia)

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Classification  Protestant
Origin  1986
Orientation  Calvinism
Separated from  Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Congregations  2 (and 1 preaching place)

The Southern Presbyterian Church is a small denomination with a community of about 130 persons located exclusively in Tasmania, Australia. It formed in 1986 when two ministers (one of whom died a few months later) and a number of members left the Evangelical Presbyterian Church because of a difference of belief over doctrinal issues.

As of 2013, the Southern Presbyterian Church had churches in Hobart and Launceston and a preaching place in Taranna. Public worship is conducted with preaching, prayer, and the unaccompanied singing of Psalms. The Southern Presbyterian Church holds exclusively to the use of the King James Version of the Bible, in public worship, and its supreme standard is the Bible according to the 'Received Text' but, according to Ward and Humphreys, "in other respects are close to the PCEA in orientation" with whom it is exploring closer relations.


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