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Soul Mates (Babylon 5)

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Episode no.  Season 2 Episode 7
Written by  Peter David
Original air date  December 14, 1994
Directed by  John C. Flinn, III
Production code  208

"Soul Mates" is a second-season episode of the science fiction television series Babylon 5.



Londo Mollari brings his three wives, all of whom barely tolerate him, to the station for the purpose of divorcing two of them as part of a special boon granted by the Centauri Emperor. Two of his wives, Daggair and Mariel, compete for Londo's affections, while the third, Timov, bluntly rejects any such competition.

Several characters imply that Sheridan ought not get too comfortable with his job.

Matthew Stoner, Talia's ex-husband, arrives on the station. He claims to have "left" the Psi Corps, even though it is widely said that "no one leaves the Corps". Later he explains to Talia that he was the subject of experimentation which eliminated his telepathic ability. He claims he can reproduce the procedure for Talia, and she can thereby escape the Corps. Although initially tempted, she refuses.

Delenn is struggling with her new human characteristics, namely her hair. She tells Ivanova that the Minbari soak themselves in a caustic chemical instead of bathing, which Ivanova believes is what has ruined Delenn's hair. Ivanova helps her wash and style it, something Delenn knows absolutely nothing about.

Sheridan opines that Stoner has become an empath.

After surviving an apparent assassination plot, Londo decides to keep Timov as his wife, saying to her, "with you, I will always know where I stand." Timov leaves, secretly charmed a little at this respect for her honesty.

Arc significance

  • Delenn's "odd cramps" suggest she may be sexually compatible with humans.
  • Londo's choice of the blunt but dutiful Timov for his remaining wife over his flattering but treacherous other wives shows his preference for integrity and the basis for his later costly attempts at redemption after being the pawn of the Shadows.
  • Production details

  • The episode's original title was "Pestilence, Famine and Death". Londo coyly referred to his wives by those exact titles (and in that exact order) in The War Prayer. A holdover from this original title is the fact that Timov is Vomit spelt backwards. The episode's writer, Peter David, reportedly said that "Daggair is Pestilence, Timov is Famine, and Mariel is Death... You all realize, of course, that Londo is--by process of elimination-- War."
  • Timov is the daughter of Alghul (ghul or ghoul), literally, The Demon. Note references to Lovecraft and Gaiman in the article on ghouls.
  • "Soul Mates" was originally intended to air after "A Race Through Dark Places", rather than before. Talia's desire to leave the Corps in this episode is a result of the events of "A Race Through Dark Places".
  • References

    Soul Mates (Babylon 5) Wikipedia

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