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Sosia (gens)

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The gens Sosia, or Sossia, was a Roman family active from the 1st century BC to the 3rd century AD. The first of the Sosii to attain the consulship was Gaius Sosius, and the family would continue holding various positions in the Roman government until its decline in the 3rd century.


This list includes abbreviated praenomina. For an explanation of this practice, see filiation.
  • Gaius Sosius, consul in 32 BC.
  • Sosia Galla, wife of Gaius Sosius.
  • Sossia G. f. Polla, daughter of Gaius Sosius, mother of Quintus Pompeius Senecio Sosius Priscus (consul AD 169).
  • Sossia G. f. Frontina, daughter of Gaius Sosius.
  • Quintus Sosius Senecio, consul in AD 99 and 107.
  • Sosius Pappus, honoured with a statue by Trajan, and is mentioned among the friends of Hadrian
  • Quintus Pompeius Q. f. Q. n. Senecio Sosius Priscus, consul in AD 169 and son of Quintus Pompeius Falco (consul AD 109).
  • Marcus Sosius Laelianus Pontius Falco, Salian priest AD 170-189.
  • Quintus Pompeius Sosius Falco, consul in AD 193.
  • Sosia Falconilla, wife of Quintus Pompeius Sosius Falco.
  • Quintus Pompeius Falco Sosius Priscus, praetor circa AD 220 to 225.
  • Sossia Q. f. Sex. n. Polla, daughter of Quintus Sossius Seneca (consul 99 and 107 AD), granddaughter of Sextus Julius Frontinius, and wife of Quintus Roscius Pompeius Falco.
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